Ableton Skin Pack 3.1 for Live 10 & 11

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Ableton Skin Pack 3.0 for Live 10 & 11 (Neo, FR2, under, Kawaii Japan, VIVI, JX8P, JX08, Mutable, Vapor, Cyberpunk)

ver.1.5... Mutable Skin Added.
ver.1.6... Mutable bug fixed.
ver.1.7... Vapor Skin Added.
ver.1.8... Cyberpunk Skin Added.
ver.1.9... Tokyo Skin Added.
ver.1.9.1... Tokyo Updated.
Ver.1.9.2... FR2 Added, Cyberpunk Updated.
Ver.1.9.3... Tokyo & Cyberpunk Updated.
ver.1.9.4... Under refined.
ver.1.9.5... Under automation color bug fixed.
ver.1.9.6... Tokyo Updated.
ver.1.9.7... under, Mutable Updated. Make Noise added.
ver.1.9.8... Tokyo, FR2, JX8P Updated.
ver.2.0... JX08 added.
ver.3.0... JX8P, JX08 updated and NEO added.
ver.3.1... AMWeb added.



Find the Ableton 10 or 11 application in your Applications folder, right click on it and select Show Package Contents. Then inside the app, head into Content > App Resources > Themes and drop the theme in there.


Drop the theme into C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 10 Suite\Resources\Themes.


Drop the theme into C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 11 Suite\Resources\Themes.

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Ableton Skin Pack 3.1 for Live 10 & 11

16 ratings
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